00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Imagine if you could transform your life,
in just 90 days...

Looking to return to work, change careers or start a business in a post-COVID world?

Here's what you may already know:

  • How incredibly important it is to have up-to-date tech skills, including social media, (and maybe WordPress & Mailchimp too) in your arsenal, regardless of your current work situation.
  • ​​That leveraging your tech skills can help you launch a business or impress your ideal employer.
  • ​​​That social media and tech skills are a necessity for anyone wanting to start and grow their own businesses.
  • ​That millions of businesses rely on social media to reach the billions of social media users (especially during a pandemic), and they're actively looking to hire people who understand how to use social media in order to reach and engage with their existing (and potential) customers.
  • ​Learning how to use social media professionally can lead to a flexible, better paid, and more fulfilling and stimulating career EVEN IF you don’t aspire to being a social media manager. 

BUT, you may not know that...

(not the other way round!)

"TechPixies have provided me with knowledge, skills and confidence to begin a new career to enable me to work from home on a part time basis. I could now be a social media manager for a company or set up my own online venture! I will have pride in what I do and demonstrate to others that it is OK to leave a long teaching career and be successful in another direction."
"The TechPixies Social Media Magic course was recommended to me after choosing redundancy after a number of years in Financial Services. The course has given me that confidence and sparkle back into my life and I am now pursuing a different career path which is backed up with the support from the TechPixies tribe. Thank you!"

(sometimes things you never even knew you needed!)

"I really enjoyed TechPixies Social Media Magic course. It has been quite transformational for me, as I felt quite uncomfortable using social media when I started. I learnt so much but it’s not just about the knowledge you gain. The way the course is run is so motivating and really supportive at the same time, and you become part of an amazing community. I would definitely recommend it!"
"Three months ago, I had ideas, hopes and ambition, but pretty much nothing else. Thanks to TechPixies, not only has my training opened up a new world to me, but it has also given me the confidence to explore within it. Thank you TechPixies. I’m looking forward to what I do next now. Whatever it may be, I know it’s going to be a lot better than what I imagined those three months ago."


"Signing up for the TechPixies Social Media Magic course has been the BEST decision I have ever made for MYSELF! Joy and her team have an incredible dynamic and they do not miss a beat. I am SO proud to be a part of this award-winning course and it’s magical community I can now call friends."
"TechPixies came along at a time in my life when I had an option to dissolve and do nothing, or to start to look forward to the future. Thankfully I joined the TechPixies course, chose the future and haven’t looked back. I can’t thank or praise Joy and the Team for the hard work, dedication and true want to change peoples’ lives. Going forward with a fuller heart and greater confidence."


"TechPixies has been an amazing experience and I love being part of the course and the community it has. The impact on my career and family life that the guidance, teaching, syllabus along with the fabulous life coaching in the last three months has had, has been amazing! It has given me the confidence to step out of the shadows and have an opinion that I now feel is worth something. Thank you – it was perfect timing!"
"I have loved the TechPixies Social Media Magic Course and being part of the TechPixies community. This is a GREAT course because you learn the theory as well as have the opportunity to implement what you have learnt so you have the practical side too. You are also part of a fabulous and supportive community. I would highly recommend TechPixies!"

OK, you already know you need to up-skill to transform your life.
So what's been holding you back?

"Not enough money"

It's important to bear in mind that investing in up-skilling can directly resolve the lack-of-money situation. 

You may feel that right now, you can’t spend money on your future, especially if you aren’t currently earning. 

But when you up-skill, you become more attractive to employers and are more likely to get a job over someone who hasn’t invested the time and money into up-skilling. This is especially true in a COVID environment – bosses want to hire people who already have the qualifications they are looking for.

"Not enough time"

The real question is… what are you doing with your time? 

Are there hours during the week that you could allocate to spend time on you? 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but could you be prioritising yours better?

If you really want to do something, you can make the time – but you may have to give something up in order to do it. 

What is the one thing you could give up to make space to focus a bit of your time and energy on your future? Will it be worth it?

"Not enough support"

You cannot do everything on your own. 

Even with the best of intentions, you may think you can, but in reality, we all do better when we have help. 

Most people don’t feel supported because they never really ask to be supported. You need to be brave – you’ll likely find there is more support for you than you expected. 

Ask and you shall receive; especially if you are up-skilling and doing our course as part of your bigger plan.

Here's the truth...

Even though up-skilling your social media and tech is totally doable, not everyone approaches it the same way. You may hear of some women who teach themselves without guidance or help. They are in the minority and we applaud them.


There are MANY MORE women who will try and struggle on their own, often resulting in a direct blow to their confidence.

The truth is, to maximise your chance of success in the shortest amount of time, YOU NEED a tried-and-tested proven roadmap, outstanding support and guidance from women who know what it is like to be in your shoes.

And with your permission, I would love to show you how TechPixies can be that help and support you need.

But before I introduce our 90 Day Transformational Programme, let me tell you a quick story...

"Around 2008, I was trying to grow my online business. For years I invested in online course after online course, searching for the key to help me properly up-skill and transform my life. I shelled out a LOT of money in the process (£50k and counting...), trying to keep up to speed with the latest trends and information.

Some of the online courses I took were boring. Some were irrelevant. Most didn't provide clear enough 'step-by-step' to be able to implement what I was learning. And some just didn’t provide enough support when I needed it. All of which meant that I neither finished the training, nor got the results I was looking for. And because I was mostly self-taught, I was frustrated at how much slower it took to learn, than if I had been guided and supported properly.

In turn, this caused me many years of earning little or no income (not to mention the obscene amount I was spending on courses!). Throw in 2 career breaks and it inevitably took a financial toll on my family.

I was pretty fed up with not getting where I wanted to go, every time having my confidence knocked from my perceived 'failures.' So I decided to enrol in just one more online course. And this one was different to any other.

This one course transformed my life.

It was well laid out, sharp and to the point. It guided me step-by-step how to do everything I needed to learn, implement the training and enjoy success. From that moment I knew I had unlocked something amazing. It was truly transformational.

I decided to build an experience to be as transformational for you as mine was for me. I want you to avoid years of having to figure it out for yourself without proper support and guidance. I want you to walk away from the next 90 days with a renewed sense of purpose and the confidence to put your new social media skills into action. And I want you to find fulfilling and stimulating work which you not only love, but will also help you move towards financial independence."

Joy x


The TechPixies 90-Day Transformational Programme.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Social Media Magic is a powerful, step-by-step course, that gives you the rock-solid foundations that make up social media success. 

Not only will you learn the theory, but by the end of the 90-Day Transformational Social Media Magic Programme, you'll know exactly how to implement and execute a social media strategy, master your mindset, confidently use WordPress and Mailchimp, and set yourself up for success.

Social Media Magic has taken everything I’ve learned from working in social media and business from the past 12 years, combined with a powerful and timeless life coaching toolkit (with the help of award-winning business coach Jess Rogers, and top notch life coach Teresa Klasener), in order to integrate essential life coaching skills into the course material, to help you on the road to financial independence.
Social Media Magic has already positively impacted the lives of over 700 women, just like you, who wanted to improve their social media skills and improve their mindset, to help propel them into a new flexible roles that is fulfilling and stimulating.

Doors close in:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Here's what's inside Social Media Magic:

  • 6 CPD*-Certified Modules covering Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Social Media Strategy. *CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. We are certified by
  • 12 Months Access to our Award-Winning Curriculum (Digital Women ‘Digital Course of the Year 2020’).
  • 12 Months Access* to a Private Facebook Group with ‘No Question Left Behind’ Support (*guaranteed – in reality, our private group has been running for 5 years!).
  • 3 LIVE check-ins per week in the Facebook Group and Zoom (calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am and 8pm GMT) with the TechPixies Team, all of whom are certified life coaches or certified social media coaches.
  • Tried and Tested Life Coaching Toolkit which tackles 12 topics including imposter syndrome, compare and despair, dealing with rejection, perfectionism, etc.
  • 200+ Technical, click by click, how-to videos to show you exactly how to use each network.
  • 50+ Cheat Sheets, Quick Start Checklists, and Guides to get you up and running quickly with all the major social media networks, Instagram and Facebook shopping, Google Business, Podcasting, and Monetising Facebook Groups, to name a few!
  • Over 10 hours of additional Workshops covering Branding, MailChimp, WordPress, Hashtags, Facebook Ads, List Building, and much more.

(only available to students of Social Media Magic!)


Brain Priming Workshop

Brain Priming is a neurocoaching (TM) method to help you break through barriers faster and with long-lasting results.

If you're asking 'who am I to be doing this?' This highly effective Brain Priming Workshop and exercises teaches you the fastest way to rewire your subconscious and finally break old patterns of thinking for good.


Your First 100 Sales Workshop

How do you go from zero to 100? It's easier than you think!

In this workshop, we'll teach you the thing no one else is talking about - that sales is a numbers game and we'll show you how to reverse engineer your sales to work out what size audience you need to be building in order to get the sales you want!


Your First Social Media Client Workshop

Have you wondered why some people easily get clients who pay their rate and others don't? 

Put your new-found skills into action and start making money ASAP. Learn our method to not underpricing and over-delivering so you can actually get that first social media client you've been dreaming about.

Who is Social Media Magic perfect for?

  • You're just starting on your journey back to work, or thinking about up-skilling to become more valuable in your current role. 
  • ​You're launching a business and are super interested in how social media can help you get there and grow.
  • ​You've been trying to find flexible work but have neglected to build up your social media skills effectively enough in order to do it.
  • ​You value the importance of keeping up with fast-moving tech (like social media) and you're open to learning new things with step-by-step, click-by-click guidance.
  • ​​You're ready to take the next steps towards flexible work and know that up-skilling with tech will help you get there.
  • ​You can find 8 hours per week to work through our course and apply what you’ve learned.
  • This may be your first ever online course, or your 1000th! Either way, you know this will be different and are ready to put the work in and get results.
  • ​You're excited about the future - of the flexible job prospects or freelance opportunities which may become available to you upon completing this course.
  • ​You're LOOKING FORWARD to gaining a massive amount of knowledge in just 6 modules. AND you're even more joyous about the fact that by the end of the course, you will have learned about 6 different pieces of software in as many weeks. Take that, CV!

If you said ‘YES’ to at least 7 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside TechPixies Social Media Magic.

Doors to Social Media Magic close in:


Social Media Magic is truly one-of-a-kind.

But don't just take my word for it...

You know you need this, and you're ready for transformation.
So your next question is likely 'how much is the investment to join Social Media Magic?'
There are two ways you can join:

One-off payment due today
  • 12 Months Access to our Award-Winning Curriculum with 6 CPD-Certified Modules covering Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Social Media Strategy.
  • 12 Months Access to a Private Facebook Group.
  • 3 LIVE check-ins per week in the Facebook Group and Zoom.
  • Tried & Tested Life Coaching Toolkit.
  • 200+ Technical, click-by-click, how-to videos, 50+ Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and Guides, and over 10 hours of additional workshops covering specific topics and platforms.
  • + 3 BONUS WORKSHOPS to give you a kickstart: Brain Priming, Your First 100 Sales, Your First Social Media Client.
  • + FAST-ACTION BONUS: FAB Box (when you enrol before 25th May 11.59pm)
  • + PAY-IN-FULL BONUS: 3+ Neurocoaching calls with Joy Foster
£274 due today followed by 11 monthly payments
  • 12 Months Access to our Award-Winning Curriculum with 6 CPD-Certified Modules covering Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Social Media Strategy.
  • 12 Months Access to a Private Facebook Group.
  • 3 LIVE check-ins per week in the Facebook Group and Zoom.
  • Tried & Tested Life Coaching Toolkit.
  • 200+ Technical, click-by-click, how-to videos, 50+ Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and Guides, and over 10 hours of additional workshops covering specific topics and platforms.
  • + 3 BONUS WORKSHOPS to give you a kickstart: Brain Priming, Your First 100 Sales, Your First Social Media Client.
  • + FAST-ACTION BONUS: FAB Box (when you enrol before 25th May 11.59pm)

Why not book a call* with a TechPixie and find out if Social Media Magic is right for you...

(*there is limited availability on a first-come-first-served basis)

Doors to Social Media Magic close in:



Join during the first 24 hours of our doors opening, and you will bag one of our sparkly FAB boxes full of awesome TechPixies swag to get you excited about your journey.*

We love action-takers, and this is just one way we can acknowledge those of you who are prepared to go all-in on your future.

Join before 11.59pm GMT on Tuesday 25th May, and you will qualify to receive one of these much coveted FAB boxes!

*Boxes will be sent after the 14-day refund period has passed.

Neurocoaching calls

When you pay in full (instead of monthly payments), you will receive at least 3 additional powerful Neurocoaching calls with Joy Foster, Founder of TechPixies. 

Neurocoaching is an extremely effective method to develop yourself further, beat limiting thoughts, and improve your performance.

So when you pay-in-full, you'll not only SAVE over £290 (by not having to pay the monthly admin fee), but you will also catapult your results with this fantastic bonus.

We've helped 700+ women transform and succeed in social media with the TechPixies 90-Day Transformational programme.
But if you're asking "what if it doesn't work for me?" FEAR NOT!

We're so confident that you'll love Social Media Magic, that it also comes with, not 1, but 2 Guarantees!

Guarantee #1 
Love it or your money back. We want you to feel confident you've made the right decision. That's why we give you 14 days from the start of the course to decide. And if (for whatever reason) you decide that it isn't for you, just let us know via email by midnight GMT on Friday 18th June 2021, and we'll refund your course fee. 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Guarantee #2 
If life happens, start again! You have a full year to complete the course and we repeat all 6 modules 6 times throughout the year. Jump on and off as you need! You can also extend your access to the curriculum for a fraction of the original investment and continue to receive updates on the latest social media changes.

Doors to Social Media Magic close in:


To recap, when you join Social Media Magic you will receive access to:

  • 6 CPD-Certified Modules covering Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Social Media Strategy.
  • ​12 Months Access to our Award-Winning Curriculum.
  • ​12 Months Access (minimum) to our Private Facebook Group.
  • ​3 LIVE check-ins per week in the Facebook Group and Zoom.
  • Tried and Tested Life Coaching Toolkit.
  • ​200+ Technical, click-by-click, how-to videos.
  • ​50+ Cheat Sheets, Quick Start Checklists, and Guides.
  • ​Workshops covering Branding, MailChimp, WordPress, Hashtags, Paid Advertising, List Building, and more.
  • BONUSES: Brain Priming Workshop, Your 1st 100 Sales Workshop, and Your First Social Media Client Workshop.


  • FAST-ACTION BONUS: FAB box full of goodies if you enrol before 11.59pm on Tuesday 25th May.
  • PAY-IN-FULL BONUS: minimum of 3 additional Neurocoaching sessions with Joy Foster, to help you master your mindset.

Imagine where YOU could be in just 90 days from now.

Time is ticking! 
Enrolment to Social Media Magic closes in:



How long will it take to earn back my investment?
At last check, 71% of women who complete the course earn back what they spent on it within 3-6 months and 79% within 12 months. We’ve even had women get jobs while they were still working through the course and MANY, especially those who completed our course 2-5 years ago still have retained their jobs through the COVID pandemic. Imagine that?!?
What if I feel I don't have time for it?
The question is, do you have time NOT to do it?! Our step by step, click by click teaching ensures that you will SAVE TIME by not having to figure out how to do the technical things on your own THUS giving you more time to spend on the things you care about. You can get through each module in just under an hour AND test your knowledge with a CPD-Certified quiz. Pass the quiz and you get a CPD (continued professional development) certificate, recognised by employers all over the world! When you need to know how to do something specific, you have 100s of technical videos to tap into. Need something we haven’t yet included? Just ask! Our amazing team of Social Media Coaches will add it for you!
I'm not sure where I want to go with my career, life and business...
To help encourage you to set goals and create new habits, we’ve integrated an entire life coaching framework into our programme that will help you to focus on where you are now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Many women who have completed our course find that the benefits of setting one goal (like finishing our course) and seeing it through will set them up to reach their goals in other areas (like getting fit or getting a job!).
What if I get stuck with, or don't fully understand something?
Every single question you have, we promise to answer. We will never leave you hanging. We also thrive on constructive criticism, taking ALL feedback INCREDIBLY SERIOUSLY so that we can improve our programme. Rest assured, you will feel fully supported when you reach out to us for help.
What are the course dates and times for Social Media Magic?
Please check out our planned calendar here.
What if I change my mind?
We want to make sure that when you join Social Media Magic, it's the right decision for you. But if you have any doubts, don't worry, we offer two guarantees to put your mind at rest - check the details here.

So what’s it going to be? Are you ready for your 90 day transformation?