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Transform and thrive with techpixies
Our 6-week Social Media Summer School is a LIVE group coaching experience. You'll quickly and confidently get to grips with social media so you can become a social media superhero! 
Our proven step-by-step social media accelerator will give you the tools and strategy you need to create a social media presence that builds your brand and your confidence so that you’re ready to make the impact you want in this world. 

Get ready to hit reset on your mindset as you discover how to use social media to build a life you love (even if the idea of posting on social media feels so dang hard right now). 

I'd rather make 6 monthly payments of £167

Because posting online can sometimes feel like you’re dragging a stone up a hill, can’t it? 

You’ve been sitting there for the best part of an hour waiting to hit the go button on a post. You’ve got your caption written, you’ve sorted a pic but now you’ve got a little voice in your head on overdrive. 

Suddenly that kitchen floor you’ve been meaning to clean becomes the No 1. Must. Get.It.Done priority. 
And while you’re busy scrubbing the floor, that voice jumps on the chatter train giving you a whole bunch of reasons not to post: Who am I to be saying that? Will anyone like it? What if someone makes a nasty comment? 

And before you know it you’ve talked yourself out of posting anything at all.
It’s right at that moment that you realise you’re pretty tired of trying to figure this out on your own. 

What you’d really love is someone to bounce ideas off, someone to give you a high five now and again, and someone who’s around to answer your questions so you don’t have to go down another YouTube tutorial rabbit hole. 

What you need is a community of like-minded women who can cheerlead you on to success. 
At TechPixies, we’ve spent the past 7 years developing easy-to-follow online learning programmes that stop women feeling bamboozled by social media, providing them with the clarity they need to make social media work for them. 

But don't just take my word for it...

Are you ready to say yes to following the vision you have for your future? Are you ready to discover how social media can help you achieve it? 

Real dreams are a gift. When you have a deep desire to do something, that is because you are meant to be doing it. Your dream picked you. It wants you to achieve it. 

Right now is the right time to rediscover your hopes and dreams. And if you think it's too late, think again! The best time to plant an oak tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is NOW.

It’s time to become visible online and to share your dream, your passion and your purpose. 

TechPixies doesn’t just offer training courses that will help you upskill with modern technology - our courses are a life-changing experience. 

No stone has been left unturned. 

You will dive into the FUNDAMENTALS of 6 of the major social media networks and learn how to apply them so that you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Everything is step by step and nothing is assumed. 

You won't just learn a new skill set, you'll learn about you. You'll learn what you love and what makes you tick. You'll discover that the key to your hopes and dreams is heavily dependent on your inner dialogue and your habits. 

And when it all comes together, you'll look back and say...
 'Wow, I did that?' 

Here's how we're going to make it happen...  

Join the Social Media Summer School 

and you will enjoy...

  • 6 CPD*-Certified Modules covering Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Social Media Strategy. *CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. We are certified by cpduk.co.uk.
  • No question left behind! When you join our Social Media Summer School you'll also gain access to our private TechPixies Community Hub where you'll be able to connect with, and learn from, over 750 amazing women.
  • ​3 LIVE coaching calls per week on Zoom for 6 weeks (Mindset Monday, Transformational Tuesday and Triage Thursday) with the TechPixies Team, all of whom are certified life coaches or certified social media coaches.
  • ​Star Pod Accountability Group When you join, you’ll be connected to a smaller group of people within the larger group. 
  • Tried and Tested Life Coaching Toolkit which tackles 12 topics including, imposter syndrome, compare and despair, dealing with rejection, perfectionism, etc.
  • ​200+ how-to videos that show you, click by click, how to use each network.
  • ​50+ Cheat Sheets, Quick Start Checklists, and Guides to get you up and running quickly with all the major social media networks, Instagram and Facebook shopping, Size Matters Cheat Sheet, Google Business, Podcasting, and Monetising Facebook Groups, to name a few!
  • ​Personalised 'Cup of Courage' At the end of your 6 weeks, provided you have completed your certification (don't worry! We'll get you across the finish line!) you'll receive a personalised TechPixies coffee mug in the post.  

Still thinking about it?

You should give the Social Media Summer School a go if:

  • You are tired of having to ask the teenagers around you to help you when you get stuck with a tech issue on your computer or phone. A by-product of learning how to use social media professionally is that you become much more confident with technology across the board. So you’ll no longer need to ask everyone else to show you how to do things because you’ll have the confidence to overcome your frustrations and figure it out! They’ll be asking you for tips before you know it! 
  • You’re ready to finally act on that dream idea that has been in your head for years!!! You know what I mean – that place you go in your mind when you are working your day job and wish you were working your dream job. Learning how to use social media is literally the first step to testing out that dream idea so you can ditch the day job in favour of something that lights you up!
  • You want to feel confident with your social media skills. With our certified Summer School, you can rest assured that you have all the key information and training you need to set up your social media accounts properly and finally thrive online.

I personally cannot wait to help you get started using social media…

I know the power of social media as I’ve been teaching thousands of people to use it since 2015.

I’ve seen first-hand the blocks that women in particular face when it comes to becoming visible on social media and I know it isn’t just about taking off your invisibility cloak! I also know it is just as important to you to know how to do social media click by click, step by step. 

I don’t want anything to stop you from chasing your dreams and, therefore, we also address any potential blocks that might come up as you move forwards with your personal vision for your life. 

TechPixies cares about the whole person, not just your digital skill set. We’ve designed the entire experience with that in mind and I can promise you that you are in good hands. 
Padma signed up to learn from TechPixies during the first lockdown of 2020 after business was slowing due to the effects of the pandemic on the companies she worked with. She knew she would need to pivot her offering, so she invested in training with TechPixies to update her social media skills and successfully market her new venture. And (wow!) what an incredible journey she has been on since then! 

“TechPixies has given me confidence, clarity & reminded me of who I am. You have made me believe in myself again & ultimately, I improved my social media skills. But, more importantly, you helped me get out of my own way and start a new business – which is my true passion.”


Bonus: Build your Business

Build Your Business with our brilliant workshops that will help you build your website, launch your lead magnet and make sure you create a brand that stands out.

Bonus: Boost your Business

Boost Your Business with our brilliant workshops on how to get your your first social media client, how to get your first 100 online sales, and an introduction to Facebook Ads.

Bonus: Brain Breakthrough

Breakthrough Your Brain Blocks with our brilliant Money Mindset Training, Life Coaching Toolkit and Brain Priming Workshop. 

Before joining TechPixies, Carol would occasionally post pictures on Instagram, she had an account on Facebook she hardly used and she had also saved thousands of knitting or crochet-related Pinterest pins. She never thought that by 2021 she would be leveraging these platforms and running her own business as a tech editor & pattern writer, offering online workshops, designing & sourcing knitting & crochet kits and regularly featuring on Yarn Lane TV – all from a lady who had never even posted a video on social media let alone gone live in front of hundreds of viewers!

 “I knew I had to conquer the fear of the unknown I had about using Social Media. I came across TechPixies on Facebook & signed up – and that changed my world completely. I had found my tribe. I now have the confidence to put myself out there and I have learned soooooo much.”


Your burning questions answered:

How long do I have access to the course materials?
You wiil have access to the curriculum and coaching for the duration of the 6-week Summer School. You will will then have access to the curriculum (minus the coaching) for a year from the start of the 6-week Summer School. 
Is there any LIVE coaching connected to the Summer School?
Yes! You’ll be invited to join the 3 weekly coaching calls with our awesome coaches for the duration of the Summer School. And, don’t worry! If you miss a call, you will get access to the call recordings. (Although, please note that we do not record the life coaching calls on Tuesdays due to their personal nature.)
Do I need to have social media accounts set up across all the platforms before I join?
Nope! We will give you all the tools you need to get started.  You will learn the fundamentals of the major networks, but you can just implement the ones you need. There is no point in doing social media for social media’s sake. You should be clear on why you want to use and which network is best for you, and our course will help you do that!
Is it really click by click, step by step? 
Yes! We know that sometimes it is hard to remember how to do things you don’t do routinely every day. The video guides in the library contain click-by-click, step-by-step videos that show you exactly how to implement what you’ve learned in the lessons. You won’t have to guess or search for how to do something; we lay it all out for you, in many cases on both the computer and the phone! 


You're all set! 
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