How Would Your Life Transform If You Were Living A Life You Loved?

 Regardless of where you stand today or the challenges you've encountered,
it is possible to make the next chapter of your life the best chapter of your life.

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I have never really made an ambitious dream for my life before and I am so pleased that I have one now. In the past I’ve set goals or had dreams, but they were all about what I thought so could achieve, if I set realistic targets and then got lucky. 

This coaching programme taught me how to tap into what I would really like my life to be like - across four areas of life - health, love /relationships, vocation and time/money freedom. I love the balance this gives across all areas of life - something I was really lacking before. 

I’ve had so many WINs, but the most profound one has been realising that I don’t have to move through life responding to everyone and everything around me. I am now creating my own vision - for myself, my family and my business. It’s given me a whole new take on life and aim excited about today, tomorrow and what the future holds. I was going to describe it as the perfect post-pandemic reset, but actually I wish I’d had access to this in my 20s.  

"The DreamBuilder Program gave me the opening up of awareness that in life anything is possible; that you don't have to stay in the same mindset that you have always been in; that there is more and you don't just have to sit and hope for a miracle, you can take an active part in moving your life forward. 

Becoming aware that I have a role to play in this world, that I am worthy and realising, for me that this all fits in with my Christian faith has also been reassuring for me.

I think having/developing a sense of peace has been the biggest #Win for me. I am also starting to get excited about my life again, and things that are happening in it."

"I never saw myself in a long term romantic relationship ever again and the programme has shined a light on the fact that I had buried that dream and I now feel worthy of love and recognise that the past does not dictate the future and I’d been loving whilst still looking over my shoulder. This is a major major change in my life’s vision.  

I've identified a number of things that no longer serve me and although we haven’t got to the ‘how’ section yet, I’ve already started to take action and implement change. Yippee!! 

And I’ve realised that I can have a dog in my life and I’ve been putting my own personal obstacles in the way of achieving that dream."

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Imagine – a simple system for discovering what your dream is AND
the confidence you need to go after it with joy and inner peace.

In this PROVEN process for transforming your life and jumpstarting
the results you want to see, you will learn to live the life you want AND enjoy
the fulfilment of building your dreams.

In this transformational DreamBuilder® Program hosted by TechPixies, you'll receive...

  • The Complete System for Gaining Clarity On Your Dream – and the next steps you can take so that you can experience a greater flow of abundance in your life.
  • 12 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions over 3 months  where you will get the support, motivation, and the answers to your questions as you work through the powerful lessons and meditations. 
  • The PROVEN DreamBuilder® Program – complete with a Guidebook with MP3 Audio, teaching and meditation files to help stay connected to your highest potential and accelerate your results.
  • More Joy, Self-worth and Confidence in Your Life as You Master Success – in every way (from finances to health and relationships).
Need more clarity on your vision before you make a decision? WhatsApp me with the word 'DreamBuilder'

The LIVE calls for our next DreamBuilder® cohort begin at:

1pm UK time from Tuesday 23 July 2024

We cover a new module each week, with each step designed to equip you with the tools you need to achieve the next level of success in your life – whatever that looks like for you. 

All calls are recorded, so you can always catch up on replay if you miss a session.

  • Week 1: Defining Your Dream
  • Week 2: Testing Your Dream
  • ​Week 3: Increasing Your Sense of Deserving
  • ​Week 4: Befriending Your Fear
  • BONUS WEEK: Group Neurocoaching™️ Session
  • Week 5: Activating the Law of Circulation Through Giving
  • ​Week 6: Changing Your Perceptions 
  • ​Week 7: Setting Yourself Free Through the Practice of Forgiveness
  • ​Week 8: Listening to the Still, Small Voice
  • ​Week 9: Creating a Support System 
  • ​Week 10: Training Your Mind
  • ​Week 11: Turning Failure From a Stumbling Block to a Stepping Stone
  • Week 12: Harvesting your Dreams

But your journey doesn't have to stop there! 

Join today and get these EXTRA BONUSES FREE...

Pay In Full BONUS

9 Months Access to the Life Mastery™ Program

Following the completion of your LIVE DreamBuilder® Coaching Calls, you'll be gifted 9 months of our weekly DreamBuilder® Alumni Calls where you'll dive deeper into key topics on the Life Mastery™ Program. 

These weekly calls build on the base of knowledge you've already received through DreamBuilder®, giving you access to
additional lessons, meditations and a comprehensive Guidebook to help you master 6 key areas of your life: 
Intention, Health, Abundance, Manifestation, Love and Transformation.


Group Neurocoaching™️ Call

You'll enjoy a powerful group Neurocoaching™️ call with Joy Foster, a certified Master Neurocoach™️ and DreamBuilder® Coach. 

Neurocoaching™️ is an extremely effective method in helping you develop your mindset, enabling you to beat limiting thoughts and improve your performance. Joy has helped hundreds of women overcome blocks using this unique method.


Brain Priming Workshop

Brain Priming is a Neurocoaching™️ method that helps you to break through barriers faster and with long-lasting results.

If you're asking 'who am I to be doing this?' or any have any other self-limiting beliefs, the exercises in this highly effective Brain Priming Workshop teach you the fastest way to rewire your subconscious and finally break old patterns of thinking for good.


Money Mindset Masterclass

If you want to get serious about bringing more money into your life, you need to master your relationship with money and have a plan of action in place to help you get to where you need to be.

With free tickets to this LIVE Masterclass, you'll come away with an action plan that could improve your financial situation in the next 67 days and change the way you think about money for good.

Our DreamBuilder® Program has transformed lives... 

Empower your future

Just like Katie

Being out of work for more than a decade can become disheartening and lead to challenges in many aspects of your life – especially if you're battling ill health too.

But Katie took a stand, invested in herself and her dream, and discovered the powerful tools she needed to create a more financially secure future for herself and her family.

“I finally set up my online business and signed my first client. My lifelong skin problems have cleared up. We’ve paid off all our debts and are now saving for the future. It's only by getting clarity on what you want that you can go after it.”

Reinvent yourself

Just like Karen

It takes courage to leave behind a successful 30-year corporate career. But Karen knew coaching was her calling and wanted to turn down the dial on the inner voice whispering, 'Will this work?' 

Thanks to the right guidance and a supportive community, Karen is not only surviving but also truly thriving as an entrepreneur creating her dream business.

“The biggest change is that I've felt empowered to continue on the journey and learned so much. I feel different, I mean really different, inside out. More self-assured. More confident and optimistic. I feel really alive again.” 

Find a way forwards

Just like Tania 

Rebuilding your life after a relationship has broken down takes resolve and resilience. But how do you tap into this when you're reeling from divorce and your life has been turned upside down?  

As Tania discovered, you change your mindset and grab the tools you need to go after the happiness – and career – you deserve.  

“It’s been absolutely life-changing to see the power of dreaming big and going after it with the new mindset of determination and self-belief. I have completely turned my life around and found such happiness, joy and peace in my life.” 

Need more clarity on your vision before you make a decision? WhatsApp me with the word 'DreamBuilder'

More about Joy Foster, Founder of TechPixies

Joy Foster is the founder and CEO of TechPixies, a multi-award-winning, CPD-accredited social media training company on a mission to help women upskill in order to return to work, change careers, or start a business so that they can become financially independent.

Since launching TechPixies in 2015, Joy has been recognised nationally for the work she is doing. She recently won the Entrepreneur Award at the FDM everywoman in Technology Awards 2022, and in the past year has been named one of the 100 most inspiring and influential Women in Social Enterprise (WISE100 2022) by Pioneers Post and NatWest, and made the longlist for Computer Weekly’s Most Influential Women in UK Tech.

When the global pandemic hit the UK in March of 2020, Joy set up and ran multiple free training programmes and helped thousands of women acquire the skills needed to pivot online. Since then, Joy has worked tirelessly to create a diverse portfolio of social media training courses and programmes to ensure that women from all backgrounds are given the opportunity to upskill in social media and transform their lives.

TechPixies’ signature transformational programme was named Course of the Year by Digital Women in 2020. In 2021, became double certified in Master Neurocoaching and in DreamBuilder coaching and in addition to helping women upskill with social media via TechPixies, she also helps women take action on their dreams! 

I want to join but....

"I don't have the money"

This is a normal concern for many people. If money was NOT an issue, would you love to join the programme and create the dream you'd love?
I believe you're here for a reason – this isn’t an accident; it’s by divine appointment. We need to find a way to move forward. Get creative, think outside the box, and take a look at all the options available, so we can get you started on building your dream. 

When something’s REALLY important, like fixing your car or a health emergency, all of a sudden, people quickly find the money or figure out where to get it. I’m sure you’ve had this experience before in your life, right? And it’s the same with this. 

When you have a burning desire and taking action becomes non-negotiable, you can and WILL find a way. I’m sure there is a way! 

"I'm too busy right now"

You are NOT alone in thinking this. We're all juggling so many balls in our daily lives. If you had ALL the time in the world, would there be anything else that would cause you to hesitate? 

Not having enough time is simply a perception. We all are given the same number of hours in the day, and we all get to choose what we focus on and what we spend our time doing. It’s about priorities. 

If it’s important, you can make the time to move in the direction of your dream a non-negotiable. 

How important is transforming your life? This programme teaches you how to accomplish more in less time, so you can be more effective with the time that you do have. Wouldn’t you love that?

"I need to talk to my partner"

Imagine you've already spoken with your partner and they want to support you 100%. Would you go for it? Or would there be anything else that would cause you to hesitate? 

The reaction we get from sharing our dream with a loved one is often based on our projection. If you're fearful and unsure when approaching others about this, they will reflect that attitude back to you. 

BUT, if you are grounded, secure and confident about this decision for yourself, most likely your partner will be supportive. 

Are you confident you're going to stay committed to your dream through this programme, with my support of course, and follow through? 

If you show up each week of this programme and stay committed, along with my support and accountability, you will be successful. 

"I've tried other programmes and they didn't work..."

You've now found this programme, and if you take the leap, even in the face of fear, THIS programme can be THE PROGRAMME that can help you finally experience a breakthrough...  

"I just need more time to think about it"

When you feel you need more time to think about any opportunity, it's usually due to a deeper concern or hesitation that has not been addressed yet. 

Think about why you want time? 

What will having more time change for you?  

"I can't attend all of the sessions, so it might not be worth it"

This programme helps people create fabulous results, and some of these people have never attended even one live class. Every coaching call is recorded and available online to download so you can listen to each class more than once during the week. 

Repetition is the key to learning.
Create an appointment with yourself – the same day and time each week – that you set aside as your sacred study time. 

If questions arise, all you need to do is email them to me the day before the regularly scheduled class call, and I will answer them either on the call or email a response to you personally. 

You really can get everything you want out of this programme by simply planning ahead and setting a clear intention with me as your coach. I assure you, we will work together as a team to help you experience great results.
"My vision has improved since making a start on actually writing my vision statements for all four sections of life, ie, health and wellbeing, love and relationships, vocation and time and money freedom. It really makes you think and dream again about what would be possible if it were not for the constraints of life we all have.

Just one month into the course, actually achieving sitting down and focusing on what I would really like to achieve in all four life domains - thinking about it, saying it out loud, and writing it down - so that it takes up more brain space and opens me up to the universe to show me the 'how' of doing it.  

I think it's awesome to be in a group of like minded lovely ladies - to actually take the plunge into the DreamBuilder world together is scary and exciting all at the same time. We are lucky to have the additional brain priming tuition and knowledge available from Joy."

Need more clarity on your vision before you make a decision? WhatsApp me with the word 'DreamBuilder'