How would it feel to have a social media presence you’re proud of? 

One that does the hard work of attracting the clients or job opportunities you want so you can finally earn what you’re worth? 

You can do just that with our most comprehensive step-by-step system for getting started with social media quickly and professionally… AT A PACE THAT SUITS YOU.

Access the ONLY step-by-step system of its kind that takes the guesswork out of knowing how to use social media like a pro so you can show up with confidence and make the impact you want in the world.

If you dream of...

  • Getting started on that business idea or side hustle you’ve been wanting to do for years but haven’t YET because your fear of social media has been holding you back.
  • ​​Returning to work in a job you love knowing you have the social media skills (and the certificates to prove them!) to help you earn what you’re worth.
  • ​​​Finally working out what you want to use social media for so that you can stop feeling invisible and lay the foundations for an online presence that attracts opportunities you’re currently missing out on. 
Amanda joined our Self-Study Membership to help develop her side hustle - an online course sharing the knowledge she's gained from 30 years working with businesses large and small. She knew she needed to upskill in social media to market her new venture, but as she was still working full-time she needed an easy-to-follow system that she could do in her spare time. 

"Wow! Wow! Wow! What a membership! I have learned sooo much!

The basics - How do I make an engaging post on Facebook? Tick! How can I make my reel stand out on Instagram? Tick! How can I schedule my posts in advance? Tick! Where do I find my YouTube analytics and how can I interpret them? Tick! How can I grow my Twitter following? Tick!

And the psychology - How do I get into the right mindset to achieve my goals? How can I best manage my time? How do I get social media to work for me without it taking over my life? Tick, tick, tick!!!

Joy and her team are upbeat, professional, knowledgeable, inclusive, and highly engaging. I would recommend this course to any woman looking to upgrade her life and make a positive impact on society!"


Join today and enjoy access to a PROVEN AWARD-WINNING curriculum

  • 8 CPD*-Certified Modules to work through in your own time, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Social Media Strategy *CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. We are certified by
  • ​200+ 2-5 minute How-To videos that show you click-by-click how to use each network.
  • ​50+ Cheat Sheets, Quick Start Checklists, and Guides to get you up and running quickly with all the major social media networks.
  • ​Tried and Tested Life Coaching Toolkit tackling 12 topics, including imposter syndrome, compare and despair, dealing with rejection, perfectionism, etc.
  • ​We know that social media moves at warp speed, which is why we make regular tweaks and annual updates to the curriculum. This ensures you stay up-to-date on the hottest happenings as part of your ongoing membership.
As seen in...
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Our Social Media Self-Study Membership will give you EVERYTHING you need to attract, grow and engage a community of people who take action on what you have to say.

Learn social media step-by-step, click-by-click and…

  • Take The Guesswork Out Of Knowing How To Use Social Media Like A Pro
  • Our award-winning curriculum is broken down into easy-to-follow modules covering 7 of the major networks: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter + Strategy. You learn ALL the networks so you come away with a comprehensive overview of how to MAXIMISE EACH ONE. You can then niche down once you’ve worked out which works best for you.
  • Say Goodbye To Overwhelm
  • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter AND Strategy. Sounds like a lot, right? But with our proven system, we'll guide you through the content click-by-click using short and sweet how-to videos that you can PLAY AND PAUSE as often as you like. There’s also a whole heap of guides and cheat sheets at your fingertips to help you implement what you’ve learnt.
  • Say Hello To A Community Of Like-Minded Women
  • This might be self-study, but YOU'RE FAR FROM ALONE! As a Self-Study member, you get to tap into a private Facebook community of supportive women who are using social media to start and grow their businesses, get back to work, start new careers and transform their lives. If you’ve got a question or need someone to tell you you’ve got this, our brilliant community will provide the answer and become your personal cheerleader.
After business slowed due to the effect of the pandemic, Padma knew she would need to pivot her offering. So she invested in training with TechPixies to update her social media skills and successfully market her new venture. And (wow!) what an incredible journey she has been on since then!

“TechPixies has given me confidence, clarity & reminded me of who I am. You have made me believe in myself again & ultimately, I improved my social media skills. But, more importantly, you helped me get out of my own way and start a new business – which is my true passion.”


Each module is built on our award-winning 3-step learning process 


STEP 1: Learn


Each module contains 7 video lessons that will get you up to speed on the key terminology, the ins and outs of the profile/bio, all you need to know about the algorithm and feed, how to post properly, how to engage and grow your audience and how to read your analytics. You'll love how easy the lessons are to follow. 


STEP 2: Implement


For each social media network, you’ll be provided with short and sweet how-to videos and cheat sheets to show you step-by-step, click-by-click how to implement what you’ve learned. You’ll then be able to take the quizzes for each module to test and reinforce your knowledge.


STEP 3: Block Bust

Block Bust!

We get it! Putting yourself on social media can be daunting and downright scary. We can teach you everything there is to know about how social media works, but unless you have the confidence to use it you’re not going to get far. So we’ve identified 12 major blocks that stop most people from posting on social media and wrapped them into a comprehensive life coaching toolkit. For each social media network, we’ll break down the biggest block we see people face when posting on that particular network AND we’ll give you the resources and tools to overcome it.
Amy is a military wife, and after spending seven years at home with her children, she was desperate to return to work. However, she wanted to find something flexible to fit around her family. She decided to become a Virtual Assistant. It was slow at first, but Amy joined TechPixies and began to find her flow:

“Techpixies started this whole journey off for me. They made me believe that I could achieve something, just for me. They provided me with skills and information from a practical point of view, but also a mindset and hunger to learn that has enabled me to grow as a person & make decisions in my business that have meant I now contribute to my family income and have work that fits in with family life.”


Plus These Incredible Bonuses To Help You Deepen Your Knowledge And Take Your New Skills To The Next Level

Bonus #1 

Social Media Bonuses 

  • 138-page Social Media Dictionary
  • ​​Social Media Post Sizing Cheatsheet 
  • 50 Irresistible Questions for your Facebook Page Bonus
  • ​How to Write Effective Captions for Instagram Bonus
  • ​Searching for Jobs on LinkedIn Bonus

Bonus #2

Life Coaching Toolkit

  • Goal Setting (SMART Goals)
  • ​Taking Action 
  • ​Imposter Syndrome
  • ​Fear of Judgement & Cognitive Bias
  • ​Resilience & Dealing with Negative Feedback
  • ​Values
  • ​Focus & Attention
  • ​Reflection 
  • ​Time Management & Boundaries
  • ​Overwhelm
  • ​Compare & Despair
  • ​Perfectionism

Bonus #3 

Branding Workshop Bonus 

  • Brand Identity
  • ​Colour Palette Tools
  • ​Font Tools
  • ​Brand Guideline Examples
  • ​Naming your Brand
  • ​Logo Tools
  • ​Working with Images
  • ​Copyright Free Images
  • Brand Evolution
  • Brand Q&A
Anne signed up to learn from TechPixies to take her social media skills to the next level. 

“My understanding of all the channels and technical skills have really taken off and in no small way the TechPixies course played a massive part. I can’t recommend the TechPixies course highly enough if you want to ‘get’ social media. Every week I learnt something new and improved my understanding of how to reach an audience that matters. But for me, the number one stand out is I now have 100% confidence in my ability. I know what I am doing and, thanks to TechPixies, I know I am doing it right.”


Your burning questions answered:

How long do I have access to the course materials?
You have access to all the goodies in the Social Media Self-Study Membership for as long as you're a member. If you choose to make an annual payment, your membership will renew every 12 months. But there is a monthly membership option for complete flexibility and you can cancel anytime. On completion of your CPD certificates, you will be offered the opportunity to continue your learning with us. 
Do I need to have social media accounts set up across all the platforms before I join?
Nope! We will give you an overview of all of them so that you can then decide which ones you want to double down. We will encourage you to learn about all of them, but you can just implement the ones you need. There is no point in doing social media for social media’s sake. You should be clear on why you want to use and which network is best for you, and this membership will help you do just that!
Is it really click-by-click, step-by-step? 
Yes! We know that sometimes it is hard to remember how to do things you don’t do routinely every day. The how-to videos show you exactly how to implement what you’ve learned in the lessons so that you can play and pause until you are confident in your knowledge. You won’t have to guess or search for how to do something; we lay it all out for you. 
How much time will it take me to get through each module?
We’ve designed the course with the busy person in mind! Each lesson is only a couple of minutes long and each module comes with support documents that will enhance your learning. Each how-to video is also kept deliberately short and you only need to watch the ones you want to implement. You should reasonably be able to work through the lessons and implement what you’ve learned in as little as 6 hours per week. 
Will you support me if I have questions? 
This might be a self-study membership, but you are surrounded by people who want to help you succeed. With access to our private Facebook Community Hub of more than 800 members you’ll have a whole heap of women ready and waiting to help answer any question you might have. Our Community Hub is also a great place to network and engage with women who’ve been where you are now.
How is this different from the other programmes you offer? 
Our award-winning curriculum is exactly the same whether you are in the Self-Study Membership or doing our Social Media Accelerator. The key difference is the access to LIVE coaching. The Self-Study Membership is truly self-paced with ongoing access for as long as you remain a member, letting you dive in and out of the lessons as you choose. The Social Media Accelerator comes with 6 weeks of LIVE coaching from our expert life and social media coaches and is perfect for those who want a concentrated period of time to double down with additional social media coaching, life coaching and guidance. We also offer a Social Media Management Certification Programme with an advanced curriculum and 18-weeks of LIVE coaching calls for those who want to explore a career as a social media manager. You'll find a helpful comparison guide HERE.

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Still thinking about it?

You should give the TechPixies Social Media Self-Study Membership a go if you're:
  • TIRED OF THE FEELING LIKE EVERYONE GETS SOCIAL MEDIA BUT YOU. A by-product of learning how to use social media professionally is that you become much more confident with technology across the board. So you’ll no longer need to ask everyone else to show you how to do things because you’ll have the confidence to overcome your frustrations and figure it out! 
  • READY TO FINALLY TAKE ACTION on that dream idea that has been in your head for years!!! You know what I mean – that place you go in your mind when you are working your day job and wish you were working your dream job. Learning how to use social media is literally the first step to testing out that dream idea so you can ditch the day job in favour of something that lights you up!
  • YOU WANT TO FEEL CONFIDENT with your social media skills. With this certified training, you won't just discover how to use social media professionally. Our Life Coaching Toolkit contains all you need to overcome the barriers that you have unwittingly put in your way. 

Experience the freedom to fit your learning around your life

"What you believe is possible, I believe is possible, and I want to help you get there"

I know from teaching thousands of women how to use social media that if you do the work, this incredibly valuable skill set has the power to transform your life. 

But I've also seen first-hand the blocks that women in particular face when it comes to becoming visible on social media! It's why we marry our comprehensive social media curriculum with our powerful life coaching toolkit so that you can have the confidence to show up on social media and maximise its potential.

I also know how important is for you to have a system of learning that you access whenever you want with the flexibility to dive into whatever is most relevant for that big goal you want to achieve.

It's why we’ve designed our Social Media Self-Study Membership to work around you. We don’t want anything to stop you from chasing your dreams,  which is why we also address any potential blocks that might come up as you move forwards with your personal vision for your life. 

TechPixies cares about the whole person, not just your digital skill set. We’ve designed the entire experience with that in mind and I can promise you that you are in good hands.

Be Brave and Sparkle! 

Joy Foster