Imagine 6 months from now having the confidence to use social media professionally – even if you don’t get how social media works yet!

Join our 18-week Social Media Management Certification Programme and let our expert coaches help you launch and grow your social media management business.

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Want To Become A CPD-Certified Social Media Manager In 2024? 

You may already know:

  • That social media skills are a necessity for anyone wanting to start and grow their own businesses.
  • ​That millions of businesses rely on social media to reach billions of social media users, and they're actively looking to hire people who understand how to use social media in order to reach and engage with their existing (and potential) customers.
  • ​Learning how to use social media professionally can lead to a flexible, better-paid, and more fulfilling and stimulating career.

But you may not know that when are confident in your social media strategy:

  • You become a trusted authority in your niche.
  • You generate more leads for yourself and your clients. 
  • Your earning potential increases.
  • ​Doors open and you discover that it’s easy to lean into what you love.  

This is what we want for you. 

We're here to support you!

Whether you’re using social media to build your own personal brand or that of your clients, by the end of the programme you’ll have the skills to PLAN, EXECUTE and REPORT on an effective social media strategy and... you'll have the certification to prove it!

With our powerful 18-Week Step-By-Step Social Media Management Programme, you’ll have all the tools you need to create a social media management business that stands out from the crowd.


You'll be amazed how easy it is...

"What an absolute joy to find TechPixies and have the opportunity to learn and grow within the TechPixies community. The quality of teaching, resources and support is impressive and it is so much more than a social media course. It has taken me from a technophobe to someone who enjoys and actively seeks out opportunities to learn how to use tech. At a career-turning point in my life, it has given me confidence from learning new skills and reinvigorated my love of learning. It is a perfectly-timed career boost with the added bonus of life coaching and the amazing TechPixie community of supportive, like-minded women. If you're thinking about joining TechPixies then don't hesitate...jump in with both feet. An investment in you and your future that you won't regret." - Katrina Astley


"TechPixies has been an amazing experience and I love being part of the course and the community it has. The impact on my career and family life that the guidance, teaching, syllabus along with the fabulous life coaching in the last three months has had, has been amazing! It has given me the confidence to step out of the shadows and have an opinion that I now feel is worth something. Thank you – it was perfect timing!" - Sam McLaughlin

OK, you know you need to upskill to transform your life. What’s been holding you back? 

"Not enough money"

It's important to bear in mind that investing in upskilling can directly resolve the lack of money situation. 

You may feel that right now, you can’t spend money on your future, especially if you aren’t currently earning. 

But when you upskill, you become more attractive to employers and are more likely to get a job over someone who hasn’t invested the time and money in their skill set. This is especially true in a tough economic environment – bosses want to hire people who already have the qualifications they are looking for.

"Not enough time"

The real question is… what are you doing with your time? 

Are there hours during the week that you could allocate to spending time on you? 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but could you be prioritising yours better?

If you really want to do something, you can make the time – but you may have to give something up in order to do it. 

What is the one thing you could give up to make space to focus a bit of your time and energy on your future? Will it be worth it?

"Not enough support"

You cannot do everything on your own. 

Even with the best of intentions, you may think you can, but in reality, we all do better when we have help. 

Most people don’t feel supported because they never really ask to be supported. You need to be brave – you’ll likely find there is more support for you than you expected. 

Ask and you shall receive; especially if you are upskilling and doing our course as part of your bigger plan.

Here's the truth...

Even though upskilling in social media and tech is totally doable, not everyone approaches it the same way. You may hear of some women who teach themselves without guidance or help. They are in the minority and we applaud them.


There are MANY MORE women who will try and struggle on their own, often resulting in a direct blow to their confidence.

The truth is, to maximise your chance of success in the shortest amount of time, YOU NEED a tried-and-tested proven roadmap, outstanding support and guidance from women who know what it is like to be in your shoes.

And with your permission, I would love to show you how TechPixies can be that help and support you need.

Before I tell you more about our transformational Social Media Management Certification Programme, let me tell you a quick story about my own journey with online courses
(in case you're wondering if they actually work)

"Around 2018, I was trying to grow my business. I decided to invest in online courses to help me do it.

Some of the online courses I took were boring. Some were irrelevant. Most didn't provide a clear enough step-by-step process to be able to implement what I was learning. And some just didn’t provide enough support when I needed it. All of which meant that I neither finished the training nor got the results I was looking for. 

In turn, this caused me many years of earning little or no income (not to mention the amount I was spending on useless courses!). Throw in 2 career breaks and it inevitably took a financial toll on my family.

I was pretty fed up with not getting where I wanted to go, every time having my confidence knocked. So I decided to enrol in just one more online course. And this one was different from any other.

This one course transformed my life.

It was well laid out, sharp and to the point. It guided me step-by-step through everything I needed to learn, helping me to implement the training and enjoy the success of completing each stage. From that moment I knew I had unlocked something amazing. It was truly transformational.

I decided to build an experience to be as transformational for you as mine was for me. I want you to avoid years of having to figure it out for yourself without proper support and guidance. I want you to walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and the confidence to put your new social media skills into action. And I want you to find fulfilling and stimulating work which you not only love but will also help you move towards financial independence."

Joy x


Our CPD-Certified Social Media Management Certification Programme is a powerful step-by-step programme
that gives you rock-solid foundations for success 

It's the only proven roadmap you need to confidently use social media professionally – even if you're
just starting out.

You will not only learn the theory, but by the end of the Social Media Management Certification Programme, you'll know exactly how to implement and execute a social media strategy, master your mindset, and set yourself up for success.

The Social Management Certification Programme takes everything I’ve learned from working in social media and business from the past 14 years and combines this knowledge with a powerful and timeless life coaching toolkit and subconscious reprogramming system. 

This incredibly effective combination is designed to help you on the road to financial independence by combatting common issues that women face when it comes to being online: perfectionism, imposter syndrome, compare and despair, judgement and negative feedback, overwhelm, etc. 

In a very short period of time, you'll build up your resilience, lean into your true calling, craft a vision for your life, set goals and take action all in the direction of your dreams and all with the power of social media! 
Our Social Media Management programme has already positively impacted the lives of 820+ women, just like you, who wanted to improve their social media skills and improve their mindset, to help propel them into new flexible roles that are fulfilling and stimulating.

Here's what's inside!

Our Social Media Management Certification Programme Includes
£5000 Worth of Social Media Templates...

  • Audit Templates Audit your account or your clients' accounts with our super easy Red, Yellow, Green system. With a few quick clicks, you'll be able to demonstrate if a social media account is healthy and exactly where improvements need to be made. 
  • Examples of In-Depth Strategy Documents To help you develop your posting strategy, including hashtag research and planning timeline. 
  • Visual Marketing Plan Ever wondered how to put together a comprehensive social media plan? You'll love our visual marketing plan, which can also double up as a business plan for those of you running your own businesses! 
  • Social Media Statistics Dashboard All your key statistics in one place. Pull everything together and create easily printable PDFs for your clients with monthly, quarterly and annual views.    

As well as our Award-Winning Curriculum, Coaching and Community Support...

  • 5 CPD*-Certified Modules covering Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Social Media Strategy. *TikTok will be CPD certified in 2024. Pinterest and Twitter are available as bonus CPD modules. *CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. We are certified by
  • 12 Months Access to our Award-Winning Curriculum (Digital Women ‘Digital Course of the Year 2020’).
  • 12 Months Access* to a Private Facebook Group with ‘No Question Left Behind’ Support (*guaranteed – in reality, our private group has been running for 5 years!). Supportive weekly check in threads. On tap support when you need it! 
  • 3 LIVE check-ins per week on Zoom for 18 weeks (calls on Tuesdays at 10am and 10am and Noon UK time on Thursdays) with the TechPixies Team, all of whom are certified life coaches or certified social media coaches.
  • ​12 Months Access to Mindset Monday + Virtual Community Connect 30 Minute Mindset Coaching followed by 2 x 10 minute breakout rooms to connect with the community. 
  • Tried and Tested Life Coaching Toolkit which tackles 12 topics including, imposter syndrome, compare and despair, dealing with rejection, perfectionism, etc, so you can overcome any blocks that may be standing in your way. 
  • 200+ Technical how-to videos that show you, click by click, how to use each network.
  • 50+ Cheat Sheets, Quick Start Checklists, and Guides to get you up and running quickly with all the major social media networks, Instagram and Facebook shopping, Size Matters Cheat Sheet, Google Business, Podcasting, and Monetising Facebook Groups, to name a few!
  • Over 10 hours of additional Workshops covering Branding, Brain Priming, TikTok, Hashtags, Facebook Ads, List Building, Sales Conversion, Get Your First Social Media Client Workshop, Get Your First Sales Online.
  • Star Pod Accountability Group When you join, you’ll be connected to a smaller group of like-minded women to share your experience and keep you on track. 

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Brain Priming Workshop

Brain Priming is a Neurocoaching™️ method that helps you to break through barriers faster and with long-lasting results. 

If you're asking 'who am I to be doing this?', the exercises in this highly effective Brain Priming Workshop teach you the fastest way to rewire your subconscious and finally break old patterns of thinking for good.


Lead Magnet in a Day Workshop

At TechPixies, we like to say at that 'The Sales are in the Mails', meaning that social media is all about connection and email is all about sales. BUT in order to make those coveted sales, you need a mailing list! By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the information and confidence necessary to create and launch your own effective Lead Magnet so you can start the journey of building your mailing list from the get-go. 


Your First Social Media Client Workshop

Have you wondered why some people easily get clients who pay their rate and others don't? 

Put your newfound skills into action and start making money ASAP. Learn the method we use to avoid underpricing and overdelivering so you can actually get that first social media client you've been dreaming about.

Who is the Social Media Media Management Certification Programme perfect for?

  • ​You're just starting on your journey back to work, or thinking about upskilling to become more valuable in your current role. 
  • ​You're launching a business and are super interested in how social media can help you get there and grow.
  • ​You've been trying to find flexible work but have neglected to build up your social media skills effectively enough in order to do it.
  • ​You value the importance of keeping up with fast-moving tech (like social media) and you're open to learning new things with step-by-step, click-by-click guidance.
  • ​​You're ready to take the next steps towards flexible work and know that upskilling with tech will help you get there.
  • ​You can find 8 hours per week to work through our course and apply what you’ve learned.
  • This may be your first ever online course or your 1,000th! Either way, you know this will be different and are ready to put in the work to get results.
  • You're excited about the future and are looking forward to the flexible job prospects or freelance opportunities that may become available to you upon completing this programme.

If you said ‘YES’ to at least 7 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside the Social Media Management Certification Programme.

Enrolment to the Social Media Management Certification Programme is currently closed. 
But we're here for any questions you might have.

This Certification Programme is truly

You know you need this, and you're ready for a transformation.

One-off payment today
  • 12 Months Access to our Award-Winning Curriculum with 6 CPD-Certified Modules covering Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Social Media Strategy.
  • 12 Months Access to a Private Facebook Group.
  • 3 LIVE check-ins per week in the Facebook Group and on Zoom.
  • Tried & Tested Life Coaching Toolkit.
  • 200+ Technical click-by-click, how-to videos, 50+ Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and Guides, and over 10 hours of additional workshops covering specific topics and platforms.
  • + 3 BONUS WORKSHOPS to give you a kickstart: Brain Priming, Your First Social Media Client Workshop & Lead Magnet in a Day.
  • + PAY-IN-FULL BONUS: 10 Neurocoaching calls with Joy Foster
£297 today followed by 11 monthly payments of £297
  • 12 Months Access to our Award-Winning Curriculum with 6 CPD-Certified Modules covering Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Social Media Strategy.
  • 12 Months Access to a Private Facebook Group.
  • 3 LIVE check-ins per week in the Facebook Group and on Zoom.
  • Tried & Tested Life Coaching Toolkit.
  • 200+ Technical click-by-click, how-to videos, 50+ Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and Guides, and over 10 hours of additional workshops covering specific topics and platforms.
  • + 3 BONUS WORKSHOPS to give you a kickstart: Brain Priming, Lead Magnet in a Day and Your First Social Media Client Workshop

What is CPD and how will it help me?

Our training is certified by The CPD Certification Service, a highly respected industry-wide accreditation body that recognises an individual’s Continuing Professional Development. 

By gaining a CPD certificate in Social Media Management, it signals to clients and potential employers that you have the EXPERTISE and SKILLS you say you do. 

It’s the stamp of approval you need to go for that
higher-paying role or attract clients who pay you what
you are worth.


Why should I choose this Programme over the others I've seen?
TechPixies was one of the first training providers to combine social media training with life coaching and Neurocoaching™. We know that there is a world of difference between learning how to use social media and having the confidence to get out there and compete in the professional marketplace, which is why we've worked with certified life coaches to develop a comprehensive programme that tackles the common barriers that could stand in the way of your success. Overwhelm, imposter syndrome, dealing with negative feedback... each block is overcome until you're confidently striding towards your CPD Certification in Social Media Management with ease. This makes us unique in the marketplace... well, that, and the fact that we love to have a whole heap of fun while we're on our LIVE coaching calls. Oh, and then there's the small matter of our Social Media Templates. £5,000 worth of essential templated documents that you don't have to start from scratch... and mark you out as a pro from the get-go! Juicy!!! 
What if I feel I don't have time for it?
We totally hear you! We bet you've got a whole heap on your plate right now, but the beauty of our Programme is that you'll be introduced to a life-changing life coaching framework that will help you to focus on where you are now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Many women who have completed our course find that the benefits of setting one goal (like finishing our course) and seeing it through will set them up to reach their goals in other areas (like getting fit or getting a job!). With new habits in place, the Programme becomes something you make time for. Plus, step-by-step, click-by-click teaching ensures that you will SAVE TIME by not having to figure out how to do the technical things on your own. The question is, do you have time NOT to do it?! 
How long do I have to access the course material and what are the course
dates and times?
You will have access to the LIVE social media and life coaching calls for 6 months (you'll enjoy three 6-week rounds of coaching calls) and the course material for 12 months. However, you'll enjoy immediate access to our award-winning curriculum and you have 12 months access to the weekly Mindset Monday coaching calls (although, these do not run during school holidays), so you can get started before the next round of coaching calls begin. 
Will I be supported if I have questions?
Every single question you have, we promise to answer. We will never leave you hanging. During the 18-week programme, you have access to an Ask The Expert form, where you can post your questions for our social media certification coaches to answer. You also have a community of women who've been where you are and are only too happy to offer help and advice. Rest assured, you will feel fully supported when you reach out.

Still on the fence?

We get it! Every pound you invest is precious. But just imagine where you could be 6 months from now having invested in yourself having gained CERTIFIED PROOF of a whole bunch of valuable tech skills to your name. 

Still have Questions?

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So what’s it going to be? Are you ready to transform your social media accounts...
and your future?

Stop spending your valuable time trying to figure out social media on your own. 

I know you are more than capable of making this work if you go it alone, but you’ll make the leap from where you are now to where you want to be so much faster with a network of help and support to lean on. 

Enrol now and get INSTANT ACCESS to our award-winning curriculum, a library of coaching call replays and a community ready and waiting to welcome you and support you on your social media journey.